About The Sports Farm

The Sports Farm Mission Statement

At The Sports Farm, our mission is to cultivate young athletes' skills, character, and love for sports through innovative training programs and a supportive community. We strive to provide top-tier facilities, experienced coaching, and a positive environment that fosters growth, teamwork, and a lifelong passion for athletic excellence. Our goal is to empower every athlete to reach their full potential both on and off the field.


What we do at The Sports Farm - Elite Sports Training


The human body is highly complex, and each person's bony anatomy is inherently unique. Range of movement stems from the independent interactions of bones, with their initial positions shaped by breathing strategies. There is not a universal optimal range of motion that each athlete should shoot for. Rather, learn how to leverage your unique superpowers that are specific to your configuration.



Are you ready to boost your rotational power, increase your sprint speed, and add mass? At The Sports Farm, we meticulously design training program to align with your sport-specific goals. Our experienced coaches deliver personalized and comprehensive training protocols, including foundational packages that integrate daily mobility exercises, strength training session, sprint work, and specialized pre-swing or pre-throw plans. Unleash your full potential with our tailored approach to athletic excellence.



Achieving peak performance begins with a comprehensive assessment to evaluate your current abilities compared to future aspirations. How does your unique movement profile and force signature influence your performance on the field? Through our detailed evaluation, we discover your range of movement options, analyze downforce production, and assess the speed and magnitude of force applied into the ground. Our assessment contains both qualitative and quantitative elements, mirroring the nuanced nature of human movement itself.


All assessments will be video recorded and uploaded to your Onform account. Included will be a video breakdown of your movement assessment where we will identify key areas for optimizing your physical development. We will systematically monitor your progress through future assessments for an objective evaluation of improvement.

Click here for more detailed information on the Athlete Performance Assessment.



Ryan Reid Bio Image 




Ryan Reid - Director of Baseball

(207) 294-2329

Professional Experience, MLB

Ryan played professional baseball for 10 years after being drafted in the 7th round out of James Madison University in 2006. Ryan retired from pro ball in 2016 but continues playing in wood bat leagues from time to time.

Ryan played for the Tampa Bay Rays, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the New York Mets. Ryan worked as a relief pitcher for these major league teams.

Coaching Career

In my 16+ years of coaching, I've worked with baseball players at all levels, helping them excel both mentally and physically. From group settings to individual lessons, I lean hard into creating critical foundations in both physical and mental approaches in both pitching and hitting. Routines create our foundations and who we are as individuals.

Coaching Philosophy

I believe in a holistic approach to coaching, connecting deeply with each client. I focus on both the mental and physical aspects of training. Baseball can be a mentally demanding sport, affecting players' confidence and resilience. My goal is to help clients build mental toughness and develop a robust physical game plan.

I'm passionate about guiding athletes to reach their full potential. Whether you're aiming to improve your performance, overcome mental hurdles, I'm here to support you.


Travis Koon

As a Sports Performance Coach, Travis has extensive experience with rotational athletes:

Oregon State University Baseball 2015 – 2017
Cressey Sports Performance 2017, 2018
Minnesota Twins 2018 - 2021
Clemson University Softball, Men’s & Women’s Golf 2022 – 2024

He brings a unique combination of the attention to detail required to thrive in professional baseball, the energy and competitiveness vital to contend in Power 5 college athletics, and the charisma and passion essential to build relationships with athletes of all ages.

“It’s exciting to get the opportunity to work with young, motivated athletes. Building a robust foundation of movement proficiency now will allow them to continually raise their athletic ceiling through their career. It’s easy to get someone strong and add mass. The transfer to sport materializes when that force is directed and dissipated efficiently within the body.”


Where we are located


Our facility is centrally located between Sarasota and Manatee counties in Lakewood Ranch, FL.  Our primary focus is baseball strength training, and we have a baseball cages and a baseball cage dedicated to pitching at our baseball training facility.