Youth Foundational Golf Performance Training

Elevate Your Game with Youth Foundational Golf Performance Training!

Are you ready to take your golf skills to the next level? At The Sports Farm, we specialize in transforming young golfers into future champions. Our comprehensive programs are designed for dedicated players who aspire to excel and make a mark on the course.

Comprehensive Assessment for Peak Performance

Achieving peak performance begins with a comprehensive assessment to evaluate your current abilities and align them with your future aspirations. We analyze your unique movement profile and force signature to understand their impact on your performance on the course. Our detailed evaluation uncovers your range of movement options, downforce production, and the speed and magnitude of force applied to the ground, integrating both qualitative and quantitative elements to reflect the intricate nature of human movement.

Tailored Training for Optimal Performance

Golf demands a specific type of athleticism. Clubs are inherently light, enabling incredibly fast rotational velocities. The swing requires tissue extensibility to store energy and motor coordination to produce large forces with precise timing. Effective training enhances your ability to create optimal shapes within the swing, promoting efficiency, consistency, and resilience. Our program increases the downforce you can produce within your base of support and within the swing's time constraints.

Program Details

We offer this small group program to young golfers aspiring to earn college scholarships. This 12-week program focuses on building the foundations of quality movement tailored to each individual athlete. Each training day includes:

  • Individualized Preparatory Recapture Plan: Tailored exercises to produce downforce within the base of support.
  • Strength Training: Customized workouts to maximize power and efficiency.
  • Pre-Swing Movement Plan: Specialized routines to prepare for play.
  • Cool-Down Routine: Techniques to promote freedom of rotation.
  • Mini Assessments: Intermittent evaluations to track progress.

Personalized Training in a Group Setting

Our primary performance goal is to help you hit the ball farther with less effort. Each athlete is unique, requiring a personalized approach to exercise selection and coaching. While training in a group setting, each athlete follows a customized program. Exercises may be similar, but coaching is individualized to suit each person's needs.

Build an Elite Foundation with Us

This Foundational Program sets the stage for further individualization as we get to know each athlete and foster favorable adaptations. Golf Performance Training is now commonplace in professional and college golf. Gain an edge by building an elite base of movement proficiency with our experienced and accomplished Sports Performance Coaches at The Sports Farm!

Ready to Elevate Your Game?

Join us at The Sports Farm and build the foundation for a successful golf career. Sign up today and take the first step toward becoming the best version of yourself on the course!

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