Elite Baseball Performance Training (Ages 13+)

Unleash Your Athletic Potential with Elite Baseball Performance Training!

Are you ready to elevate your game and reach new heights in baseball? At The Sports Farm, we specialize in transforming dedicated athletes into top-tier players. Our comprehensive training programs are designed for those who aspire to excel on the field and stand out from the competition.

Discover Your Unique Athletic Profile

Unlock your potential with a comprehensive assessment to evaluate your current abilities and align them with your future aspirations. Our detailed 1-on-1 evaluation uncovers your range of movement options, analyzes downforce production, and assesses the speed and magnitude of force applied to the ground. We integrate both qualitative and quantitative elements, reflecting the intricate nature of human movement.

Position-Specific Training

Baseball is a sport with unique demands that vary by position. Our program recognizes these differences:

  • Pitchers: Require a greater degree of bending and twisting and strategies that are sustainable for long durations
  • Hitters: Require considerable rotation, and also increased power output to swing a bat, sprint around the bases, and field their position

Effective training enhances your ability to create optimal shapes within your delivery or swing, promoting efficiency, consistency, and resilience.

Program Details

We offer small group training for college baseball players and aspiring athletes aged 13 and older seeking college scholarships. This 12-week program builds the foundation of quality movement tailored to each athlete. We then further individualize training based on bony structure, training age, and baseball-specific goals.

Each training day includes:

  • Individualized preparatory recapture plans
  • Position-specific sprint, agility, and change-of-direction work
  • Tailored strength training programs
  • Pre-swing or pre-throw plans
  • Intermittent mini assessments to track progress

Personalized Training in a Small Group Setting

Our primary performance goal is to help you hit or throw the ball harder and sprint and change direction faster. While training in a small group setting, each athlete follows a customized program. Exercises may be similar, but coaching is individualized to suit each person’s unique structure.

Build an Elite Base with Us

The Foundational Program sets the stage for further individualization as we get to know each athlete and foster favorable adaptations. Daily weight room performance training is commonplace in collegiate and professional baseball. Gain an edge by building an elite base of movement proficiency with our experienced Sports Performance Coaches at The Sports Farm.

Ready to Elevate Your Game?

Join us at The Sports Farm and unlock your full potential. Sign up today and take the first step toward becoming the best version of yourself on the field!


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